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Worm Knot Connection
Worm Knot Advantages and Applications
Used to tie braided line to fluorocarbon of larger diameter.
Worm Knot Connection Guide
Step 1
Worm Knot - Step 1 Make a bimini in the braid so there is a loop at the end.

Secure the tag end of the fluorocarbon around something sturdy (this will make the knot much easier to tie).
Step 2
Worm Knot - Step 2

Worm Knot - Step 2
Wrap the braid 10-12 times around the fluorocarbon heading away from the tag end.
Step 3
Worm Knot - Step 4 Now, free the tag end of the fluoro and pass it through the remaining loop of the braid.
Step 4
Worm Knot - Step 5

Note: whenever pulling on braided line make sure to use a dowel or a glove. (Urgent for next 2 steps)

Pull on both the braid and the tag end of the fluorocarbon to eliminate the loop in the braid tag end.

Finally pull on the braid and the main line of the fluorocarbon to complete the knot. The fluorocarbon will spiral around the braided line and create a series of coils that will cinch down.

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