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With the introduction of braided lines and fluorocarbon, the manner in which people fish has no doubt evolved. Many anglers have switched over from fishing a reel spooled with straight monofilament to reels spooled almost entirely of braid with a short length of fluorocarbon (a topshot). The numerous advantages to fishing fluorocarbon topshots include livelier bait action, greater sensitivity, better hooksets, and low visibility underwater. Additionally, while the initial cost of spooling a reel with braid is high, it will actually save avid anglers money and time as they only change out short topshots instead of entire spools of line.

Previously though, topshot style fishing has had its drawbacks. The knots used to tie mono/fluoro to braid are bulky and are never 100% even if tied correctly. The resulting situation is one where you effectively lower the breaking strength of your line and introduce knots that can easily get hung up on your guides while fighting a fish. In addition to this, a reel spooled only with braid and a short topshot will provide very little stretch, which does not provide much room for error when fighting a fish. These factors had to be considered when fishing topshots...until recently.

We have the same goal in common as every angler, to catch more fish and the technicians at Blackwater have worked hard to give anglers the edge. Blackwater's saltwater fluorocarbon is aptly named Shock Leader (TM) for one reason - it stretches. This is the result of high quality resins and a meticulous heat tempered extrusion process that has resulted in this Japanese made fluorocarbon also being the clearest on the market with excellent abrasion resistance and tensile strength. Shock Leader (TM) fluorocarbon was specifically designed for anglers fishing short topshots, but its application anywhere will no doubt increase bites.

Besides providing anglers with quality fishing products, we intend to educate those who are new to the idea of fishing topshots. Using wind on topshots that employ splicing and serving connection techniques will take the bulky, weaker knots out of your line and replace them with 100% seamless connections. The techniques explained on the pages linked to the left are used by all of the Blackwater Pro Staff and undoubtedly result in more fish being hooked and landed. We hope that you use the information here to increase your catch too.