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Kurt Dove
Kurt Dove "Blackwater's 'Toray' fishing line is simply the finest line available on the market today. Fishing over the last 30 years and being a full-time professional since 2005 I have seen a lot of changes in the line market. The market has become very specific for techniques and certain companies understand how to bring out the best in their products to meet all the fisherman's needs. In all line categories Blackwater's 'Toray' premium quality Japanese made lines fulfill the needs for every technique I use on the water. With the wrench'em up and throw'em in the boat tactics I employ with braided lines the 8 strand circular "Bawo Super Finesse Braid" is unparalleled in its line class from 10-66 lb strengths. The new "Bawo Super Hard Premium Plus Hi-Grade" fluorocarbon line sets the standard for fluorocarbon that is supple, abrasion resistant and is combined with unmatched knot strength. The "Bawo Super Hard Super Finesse" carries the strongest thin diameter line seen in the finesse line market. When the fish are shy this line will not scare them away, yet has the strength to get them to the net. Blackwater's 'Toray', The world's best fishing lines...I make my living on it!"

Kurt Dove is a professional angler from Del Rio, Texas. Kurt is a 4 time qualifier for the B.A.S.S. Elite Series and FLW Tour qualifier. Kurt spent 3 years fishing the B.A.S.S. Elite Series and currently operates a successful guide business at Lake Amistad. He continues to compete in regional tournaments in many parts of the United States. Kurt grew up fishing the tidal waters of the Potomac River in Northern Virginia before moving to Del Rio and Lake Amistad in 2008. You can follow Kurt's career through his websites: kurtdove.com and swtexasbassguide.com.
Tony Lain
Tony Lain “Quality fishing line is one of the most important tools that an angler uses to catch more and bigger fish. That’s why I use Toray lines from Blackwater. For top water fishing, such as walking baits, buzzbaits, and frogs I use Bawo braid. When slow rolling big spinner baits, or fishing jigs and worms I only use Solaroam Upgrade 100% fluorocarbon. On those tough days when the skies are blue bird, and ultra light finesse fishing is the only way to get a bite, I spool up with Bawo Super finesse fluorocarbon.

As a touring pro, I know that I must be at the top of my game while competing, the last thing I need to think about is my equipment failing. Every day on the water while pre-fishing or during tournament conditions, I am looking for an advantage that will help me get more bites and catch more fish than my competitors. Using quality fishing line gives me an advantage. Having confidence in that fishing line is also another advantage. Blackwater Toray continues to get input from their pro-staff and develop new, and improve existing, products. I have confidence in these fishing lines and I know that Blackwater Toray fishing lines are the very best available."
Tony Lain is no stranger to the bass fishing community on the west coast. Tony has already had some high finishes near the top of the FLW standings, and has won several professional team tournaments in southern California. So far, Tony has one Angler of the Year title to his credit. He is also a well known angler on the WON Bass pro/am tour and continues to compete in several southern California team circuits when his schedule allows. Tony plans to retire from his day job soon, and become a full time professional fishing guide, bass angler and promoter. Keep your eye on Tony as he continues to make his charge to the top of the professional bass tournament leader boards. Tony is proud to be partnered with Blackwater Toray, and his other sponsors include; Anglers Marine, Jackall Lures, Kistler Rods, Mercury, MotorGuide, Optima Batteries, Phillips Fishing Products, Ranger Boats, Revenge Baits.