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193lb Bluefin Caught with Blackwater X16 Hollow Braid by Blackwater Fishing owner Don Kuroye

ICAST 2013 - Toray High Grade and Super with Wesley Strader
Tackle Warehouse dropped by the Toray booth at the 2013 ICAST Show in Las Vegas to get the scoop on the Toray Bawo Premium Plus Hi-Grade Fluoro from Wesley Strader.
Source: TackleWarehouse.com

ICAST 2013 - Toray Super Hard Strong and Upgrade with Kurt Dove
Tackle Warehouse stopped by the Toray booth at the 2013 ICAST Show in Las Vegas to discuss the Toray Super Hard Strong 100% Fluorocarb Line with Kurt Dove.

Blackwater Toray new products at ICAST 2013
Learn more about new Blackwater Toray products with Michael Murphy and Kurt Dove!
Source: FIN'nTALES

Blackwater Commercial
Check out this Blackwater commercial brought to you by our friendly hawaiian distributors, Ewalu Kai.
Source: Ewalu Kai

Kurt Dove and Toray Line
Watch Kurt Dove, professional angler, as he talks about Blackwater Fishing Lines and the benefits of Toray.
Source: BassEast.com

Fishing Tip: The “No-Knot” Knot
From Blackwater International, makers of ‘Toray’ lines, this connection allows you to retain 100% breaking strength of your line, and since there are no knots here, the connection flows seamlessly through your guides.
Source: BassEast.com

ICAST 2010 Coverage
Read and watch a video about Blackwater International in this Premium Fishing Line Article
Source: TackleTour.com

ICAST 2010 Blackwater Toray Video
Check out this video about Blackwater Toray
Source: HookedUpTackle

Listen to Professional Angler, Stacy Zhelesnik's Interview (mp3 Audio File)
Listen to her interview and what she says about Blackwater Fishing Lines ...

Taking Line to Another Level
Imagine, for a moment, a Japanese-American businessman – an avid angler but not an established member of the industry – who finds out about a technologically superior fishing product and decides to take what had previously been an avocation and make it into his bread and butter ...
Source: Gary Yamamoto's Inside Line

Blackwater International Brings to North America, Toray Fishing Lines
Introduction: Bass anglers in search of not just premium fishing gear, but in particular premium fishing line are already familiar with one upper echelon brand from Japan that is now avaliable in North America, Sunline. But as with most tackle manufacturers within ...
Source: TackleTour.com

Toray's Premium Nylon: Bawo Superhard Polymide Plus
Introduction: Our second look into the fishing line product by Toray brings us to their Bawo Superhard Polyamide Plus line, a 100% nylon product touted as having low stretch and high sensitivity. These claims sound great, but really, they're in complete ...
Source: TackleTour.com

A Fishing Line Worthy of the Title "Enthusiast": Toray's Superhard Upgrade 100% Fluorocarbon
If the fishing industry had their own dictionary, the word "Premium" might be defined by the single word, "Toray" - well, at least in the category of fishing lines. If not the most expensive, Toray's array of high quality fishing lines certainly ranks up there with the most ...
Source: TackleTour.com